General Questions

How does the partnership with Indeed and CareerPlug work?
As new jobs are created inside CareerPlug, they are automatically distributed to Indeed for inclusion in Indeed search results. If your jobs meet Indeed quality standards, they can be posted for free on the site.*

Where can I learn more about Indeed quality guidelines?
This Indeed support page provides a few articles about how search quality works at Indeed, including frequently asked questions.

What is a Sponsored Jobs Integration?
This integration allows CareerPlug clients to automate the process of sponsoring a job on Indeed. Once a job is created inside CareerPlug, clients can choose to sponsor the job with a set budget as a per-job campaign. All jobs will be indexed with an Indeed Apply integration.

My ATS is already connected to Indeed—what changed?
You can now create an Indeed Sponsored Jobs campaign directly from CareerPlug. This allows you select jobs to sponsor from within the platform to help drive additional candidates to your key positions.

I thought I already had the ability to sponsor my jobs on Indeed through my ATS. What changed?
The setup of your accounts has changed. We now allow you to create your own advertiser accounts on Indeed through the integration while being billed directly through your credit card.

What are the benefits of using the integration vs. sponsoring right on Indeed?
This depends on the your preference. You may wish to sponsor jobs directly through CareerPlug or switch over to a more traditional campaign utilizing Sales and Client Services (at Indeed) to assist with sponsored jobs.

Sponsored Posts Questions

What does it mean to sponsor my job?
Sponsoring means advertising your jobs on Indeed. Sponsored jobs are anchored at the top and bottom of search results pages, giving them additional and longer visibility.

Is there a limit to how many jobs I can sponsor?
No, there is no limit, as long as your jobs meet Indeed quality standards.

How do I stop sponsoring a job?
Log in to your Indeed account and view your account dashboard. You can click into each of your jobs and either 'delete' or 'pause' them, removing them from sponsorship.

Where can I edit my job posting?
You can edit your sponsored job posting in CareerPlug. The changes you make will reflect shortly on Indeed.

I already have a monthly campaign with Indeed. Can I use this integration?
Yes. Any jobs you send through the integration will automatically populate to your Indeed Advertiser Dashboard. Just make sure to check in with your Client Services or Sales rep (at Indeed) to ensure everything is set up properly.

Cost Questions

How do the budgets work?
Indeed Sponsored Job budgets are on a pay per click model. You choose your budget and are only charged when a unique job seeker clicks on your job.

What determines cost per click?
Cost per click is determined by budget, the location of the job and competition on Indeed. Indeed’s Bid Optimizer tool adjusts multiple times per day to get you more applications for the lowest cost per click.

Can I change my budget once my job is posted?
You can stop your campaign at any time. It is best not to change your budget mid-campaign and better to let the 15-day period end and then work with Indeed rep directly to create the optimal budget moving forward.

How am I billed?
You will be charged through the credit card entered in your account.

Other Questions

Who can I reach out to with any other questions?
Once your account is created, an Indeed rep will reach out to you for additional assistance.

My email is already linked to my company’s other Indeed account, will that affect anything?
When you elect to sponsor a job through the integration, this job will go active into your own email address under your own Indeed account, not any accounts that you are linked to. If you wish to have a job under a different account, the job will have to be associated with the email address login for the other account(s) you are linked to. All billing will also be dictated based on account email address and email address associated to job post.

*Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply