To view the Clicks/Applicant chart, go to your Reports tab and click on the Clicks/Applicant tab.

The data on the Clicks/Applicant chart

On the Clicks/Applicant tab, you will see a bar chart that shows how many clicks and applications each of your jobs has received in the selected date range. Hover over the bars to see the exact number of clicks and applicants your jobs have received. On the right side of the chart, you can see each jobs' application percentage — what percent of clicks on the jobs resulted in an application being submitted. This chart can help you determine which of your jobs are the most attractive to applicants.

clicks per applicant chart


Using the filters on the Clicks/Applicant chart

Be sure to select the correct date range for the data you wish to view. You can even view data from a custom date range by selecting Custom from the date range drop-down menu and using the date picker to select the date range you wish to view. When you make any changes date range, click the blue Update Chart button to apply your changes.

clicks per applicant filters

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