All the jobs you have ever posted (that you have not deleted) are located on your Jobs page.

Note the filters at the top of your Jobs page. 'Active' is the filter selected by default — this means you are only viewing jobs that are currently live on the job boards.

If you don't remember ever making your job inactive (taking it down from the job boards), your job will still be in an Active state. lf you're not sure whether you made your job inactive, or if you don't see your job here, try selecting the Passive or Inactive filters to find your job.

inactive and passive

Passive jobs are no longer posted on the job boards, but they do appear on your Careers Page. Inactive jobs do not appear on the job boards or on your Careers Page.

You can also click the 'More Filters' option to further narrow down your visible jobs. This can be helpful if you post jobs in multiple locations and have a lot of jobs to look through.

more filters

filter options