Even though your jobs are posted in a specific zip code, job seekers are often looking for positions in different cities than the one in which they live. If you get applicants from out-of-state, this is likely not an issue with your CareerPlug job posting. Instead, you are likely getting applicants who are looking to relocate to your city.

If you're not willing to consider candidates from another state, you can add a prescreen question to your jobs that asks an applicant whether they live in the state (or even the city) in which the job is located. You can set the 'No' answer as a disqualifying answer. That way, when people apply who live out of state, they are marked with a red D for disqualified on your Applicants page. When you see the red D on an applicant's record, you can quickly mark them as Inactive and send them a rejection letter.

If you post jobs in many different locations, make sure to read through the Advanced Tip at the bottom of this page, which will show you how to make it easier to add this question to many jobs.

Here's how to set up a question to disqualify applicants who live in another state (or city):

Locate the job on the Jobs page and click the name of the job to edit it. Scroll to the 'Prescreen Questions' area of the job and click Add Blank Prescreen Question.

add blank prescreen

Type the name of the question, such as "Do you currently live in [city name]?" Ensure the question is marked as 'Required.' Add two response options: Yes and No. The 'Yes' response should be set as 'No Score' and 'Normal' type. The 'No' response should be set to 'No Score' and 'Disqualify'. Click Done to add the question. Save the job.


When someone applies who answers that they live in a different state, they will appear as disqualified with a red D in lieu of a prescreen score. Click Make Inactive to send them a rejection letter.

disqualified applicant

Advanced tip: Updating job templates

It might be a good idea to add this disqualifying question to your job templates. That way, you only need to add the prescreen question a limited number of times to job templates as opposed to adding it to all existing and new jobs individually.

If you post jobs in multiple locations, it's a big time-saver to set up your prescreen question to change automatically depending on the location in which you post your job. Follow the steps above to edit each job template. Instead of specifying the name of the city and state in the prescreen question you add, use the code {{ job.location.city }}, {{ job.location.state}}.

job location city job location state

This is an example of a dynamic field. More info here: Using dynamic fields for message templates and offer letter templates

When you post a job from this template, the code will appear to you that it is not populating the city and state names. However, when an applicant sees the question, it will populate correctly depending on the job location.

code on the job

appearance to applicant