When you use keywords on your jobs, incoming applicants whose resumes contain your keywords will be highlighted on your applicants tab. Using keywords can help you quickly determine whether an applicant would be a good fit for a job.

To start using custom keywords, first create a new keyword set, and then add the keyword set to a job. 

To create a new keyword set, follow these steps:

  1. Click Account in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click Manage Job Settings from the drop-down menu and then click the 'Keywords' link on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click the Create New Keyword Set button.
  3. Name the keyword set.
  4. Type in words you would like to be green flagged (positive) or red flagged (negative) on your Applicants tab if incoming applicants have those words on their resumes. Enter a word or phrase and click the plus sign to add it to your keyword set.
  5. To delete a keyword, click the X next to it to remove it from your keyword set.
  6. When you are finished editing your green and red flag keywords, click the button to Create Keyword Set.
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The next step is adding your keyword set to a job

On your Jobs tab, find the job for which you wish to flag incoming applicants. Click the name of the job to edit it.

Scroll to the bottom of the job and locate the Keywords area. From the drop-down, select the keyword set you wish to use for the applicants who apply to that job.

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Click the button to Save Job.

Now incoming applicants to that job will be flagged on the Applicants tab if their resumes contain the keywords you've selected. (Note: only new applicants who apply after a keyword set is added to a job will be flagged.)