When you are using message templates or offer letter templates, you might want to have some text populate differently depending on the person to whom you are sending the message or offer letter.

For example, you might want to include a reference to the job to which an applicant applied in a message template. This can be achieved by inserting  {{ job.name }} in the message template:

job name

When this template is sent to a specific applicant, the name of the job they applied to will populate:

job title populated

You can insert a dynamic field by clicking Insert > Dynamic Fields.

insert dynamic fields

Here's a list of even more dynamic fields that you can use:

  • Your account name: {{ account.name }}
  • Job address: {{ job.street }} {{ job.city }}, {{ job.state }} {{ job.zip }}
  • Job location name: {{ job.location.name }}
  • Job name: {{ job.name_only }}
  • Brand: {% app_brand %}
  • Offer Letters:
    • Today's date: {% today %}
    • Branded logo: {% account_logo_image %}
  • Applicant name: {{ app.firstname }}
  • Calendar Invite times
    • [start_date] at [start_time]