If you are corresponding with an applicant using CareerPlug's message templates and would like to compose an email but send it at a later time, you can use the Send Later feature. 

For instance, many users prefer not to send rejection letters immediately after an interview or immediately after an applicant applies. Using the Send Later feature, you can easily move applicants to inactive right away and schedule the rejection letter to send at a later time. 

To schedule an email to Send Later, follow these steps:

When making an applicant inactive, you have the option to Send a Rejection Letter

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Once you have clicked Send a Rejection LetterApplicant Invitation, or Schedule Email, an email template will appear. At the bottom, select Send Later.

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Choose the desired delivery time and select Schedule.

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Your email will be sent at the selected time.

Want to make changes or discard the message? Learn more: How do I edit or discard a scheduled email?