Using CareerPlug makes managing your correspondence with applicants extremely efficient. You will manage applicant communication on your Applicants tab. Next to each applicant's name, you can view the steps of your hiring workflow and the different actions (and communications) associated with each step.

To send an Assessment Invite or Interview Invite to an applicant, simply click Invite under the Assessment or Interview step.
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Clicking Invite will load a pre-written message template. Make any necessary edits and click Send to send the email to the applicant:

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You can also Invite an applicant to a phone screen or an interview on those respective hiring steps. When you have agreed upon a time with the applicant, click Schedule to send a confirmation email. Remember you can always schedule an email to send at a later time (More info: How do I schedule an email to send at a later time?)

When sending a Schedule email type, be sure to Input the date and time of the interview. This information will appear in the body of the email. Select Send to my calendar to sync the event with your calendar.

To customize any of the message templates, head to your Account tab, select Manage Hiring Process, and click the 'Message Templates' link on the left-hand side of the screen. More info: How do I customize the email templates that are sent to applicants?