When you create a new job template (More info: How do I add job templates?), you have the ability to select both a Job Template Name (internal) and Job Title (external, visible to applicants). The Job Template Name will allow you to label if a job template is specific to a location or position type. For example, you might frequently hire cashiers, but because of different preferences and requirements for each of your locations, you have multiple versions of the same job.

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The Job Template Name will remain internal and will not be seen by applicants. To set an internal name on a job template, simply create a new job template or edit an existing template and input the Job Template Name in the first field. 

The Job Template Name will be used to identify the job template when posting a new job, editing an existing job template, or when filtering by job template anywhere in CareerPlug.

In the above example, the job template names are 'Cashier - Austin, Full Time' and 'Cashier, Normandie, Part Time.' The public does not see these names. Both of these templates job titles are 'Cashier,' and that is what the public will see.