To view the Job Detail chart, go to your Reports tab and click on the Job Detail tab.

The data on the Job Detail chart

On the Job Detail tab, you will see a line chart that shows the trends in your weekly applicant flow over time. Each data point is the number of applicants you received in a given week (whether they are currently active or inactive). Hover over any of the data points to see the number of active jobs you had that week, how many applicants you received to those active jobs that week, and the average number of applicants you received per active job that week.

job detail chart


Using the filters on the Job Detail chart

Use any of the available filters to limit the data you see. In addition, be sure to select the correct date range for the data you wish to view. You can even view data from a custom date range by selecting Custom from the date range drop-down menu and using the date picker to select the date range you wish to view. When you make any changes to the filters or date range, click the Update Chart button to apply your changes.

Job detail filters

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