There are 3 levels of access, or roles, on Onboarding. 

Admin users
Admin users can access everything in the Onboarding system. Admin users can: 
  • Edit any Onboarding settings on the Settings page
  • Add employees, create and edit checklists, and assign checklists to any employee (not just their direct reports)
  • See every employee on the Employees page, as well as their documents, regardless of whether the employee is their report or a member of a location
  • Change anyone's level of access, or role, in the Onboarding system. For example, if an admin user wanted to set someone else as an admin or manager, they would be able to do so
Admins on the ATS will generally become admins on Onboarding. To ensure an ATS admin is an Onboarding admin too (or to change this access), edit their employee record on Onboarding and view their 'Role'. You can do this by navigating to the Employees page on Onboarding and clicking that employee's name. Next, click their Management page and view or change their 'Role'. More info: How do I change an Employee's level of access on Onboarding?

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Manager users

Managers on Onboarding can access their own tasks and their direct reports' records, tasks, and documents (if the forms were set to manager view as well as admin view). If your account uses locations, managers can see all of the employees who are members of their location.

Manager uses can:
  • Assign already-created checklists to their direct reports
  • See employees that are their direct reports (or members of locations they are associated with) on the Employees page.

Managers cannot access the Settings page and thus cannot edit or create checklists. Limited access and full access users on the ATS generally become managers on Onboarding. If a manager needs an additional location or department access, it can be added by an Onboarding admin from the Settings page.

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Employee users

Employees on Onboarding may only access their information, documents (if the forms are set to employee view), and tasks. Users who have No Recruiting Access on the ATS will become employees on Onboarding when they visit Onboarding for the first time.

Note: By default, employees will only see their completed I-9s and W-4s. If an employee can't see their own documents, it is likely that the form the document was generated from is set to admin/manager view only.

Have someone who doesn't have the correct level of access on Onboarding?

Any CareerPlug ATS user who was hired from a CareerPlug job (no matter their ATS access level — admin, manager, or no recruiting access) will become an 'Employee' on Onboarding. It's a good idea to check someone's access level on Onboarding if they do not seem to have the correct permissions. To do this, navigate to the Employees page on Onboarding and click that employee's name. Next, click their Management page and view and/or change their 'Role'. More info: How do I change an Employee's level of access on Onboarding?