The job approval feature requires all full access users to have their jobs approved by an account administrator before they are posted on the job boards. In order to activate the job approval feature on your account, please contact CareerPlug.

Selecting Job Approvers

Once job approvals have been activated, navigate to Account > Company profile.

Company Profile edit

Find the new section entitled Job Approval Notification. All the admin users on the account will be listed here. Select which admin users you would like to be able to approve jobs. These admins will be emailed when a job is submitted for approval. By default, the account owner is the job approver if no other admins are selected.

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Submitting a Job for approval

When a manager creates a job and submits it for approval, they have the option to leave a comment on the job.

leave a comment on job

Reviewing the Job

After a job has been submitted by a manager for approval, it goes into a new status called 'Waiting for Approval' and all admins selected as approvers will get an email inviting them to approve the job. The email includes any comments left by the manager, along with a link to preview the job awaiting approval. Clicking the link will automatically log the admin user into a preview of what the job would look like if it were posted.

link to approve job

Accepting or Rejecting a Job

At the bottom of this preview page, there are two buttons, Accept and Reject. If the approver clicks Accept, the job will be posted on the job boards and be moved to Active status. Once any of the admin approvers approves the job, all admin approvers and the manager who requested the job be approved will receive an email that the job has been approved and posted.

approve or reject

If the user clicks Reject, they have the option to leave a comment as to why. Once a job is rejected, all admin approvers, as well as the requester, will receive an email that the job has been rejected (along with the comment as to why), and the job will remain in Inactive status.

After a Job is Rejected

After a job is rejected, the full access user who requested it be approved may edit it and re-submit it for approval.