When you use offer letters (more info: Offer Letter Getting Started Guide), by default any full access, limited access, or admin user can send offer letters to an applicant. Some clients wish to restrict the ability of certain users to send offer letters.

Contact us to enable either of these options on your account:
  • Full and limited access users must request offer letters from administrators - this option requires an administrator to send an offer letter at the request of a full or limited access user. At most, a manager can select the appropriate offer letter template and request the admin send an offer to a specific applicant. No manager can draft or view an offer letter before it is sent.
  • Requires a manager to sign off on offer letters before sending to applicants - this option allows all full or limited access users to draft offer letters for applicants, but a designated admin or full access user must approve each individual offer letter before the person who drafted it can send it.
  • ​Note: An account may not have both of these options at the same time.

Please let us know if you would like either enabled!