The job postings that you create through CareerPlug are automatically posted to Indeed, SimplyHired, and more job boards. However, those postings will naturally fall off of the Indeed and SimplyHired job boards if they are not refreshed once per month.


To refresh a job posting, follow these steps:

1.  Go to your Jobs tab. Find the job or jobs that need to be refreshed (there will be a Refresh button underneath a job if it is ready to be refreshed). To quickly find all of your jobs that need to be refreshed, click on the Needs Refresh section on your Jobs tab.

2.  Click the Refresh button underneath the job posting, to the left of the Share button.

Refresh Button

If you attempt to refresh your job on a Thursday through Sunday, you will get a pop-up window asking you if you want to refresh your job now or later (we recommend Monday through Wednesday for the best visibility). If you click Refresh Now, your posting will be automatically refreshed within 24 hours, placing it at the top of the job boards as a brand new posting.

If you click Refresh Later, you can select a date from the calendar (we recommend choosing a date Monday through Wednesday), and your job will refresh on the date you choose. 

Refreshing a job at a later date

If there is no Refresh button next to your job, your job is not yet ready to be refreshed. Your job will be ready to be refreshed 30 days after its first posting or last refresh. The person who manages the job will receive an email notification when it is time to refresh the job posting.

Please note that simply editing your job posting does not refresh the posting. To refresh your posting, you must click the Refresh button.