CareerPlug’s Calendar Integration feature saves you valuable time by eliminating the need to email back and forth with applicants to choose an interview time. Instead, email selected candidates with a link to schedule an interview time within time blocks preselected by you on your Google, Outlook, or Microsoft Exchange calendar. Saving this time can save you from missing out on a great candidate.

Manager Setup

Every manager who wants to use integrated interview scheduling can activate the integration from their Account tab with just a few clicks.  

To begin, scroll down to the bottom of the My Profile page on your Account tab to the Calendar Integration section. Click on the button for the type of calendar service you want to connect. 

This will open a window that asks the user to allow CareerPlug to access their calendar and related information. Based on your own settings and account access, you may need to choose which account to connect and enter your login credentials. You’ll also be asked to give CareerPlug access to your account information so we can view your availability and add new events to your calendar.  
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Once CareerPlug has access to your calendar, you should configure your default settings to ensure that the right calendar is used and that your interview availability is accurate.  

First, choose the calendar that should be used to control interview availability if more than one calendar is available. This is the calendar that we will use to show available interview times and all new interviews will be added to this calendar.

Second, click the link to Manage Interview Availability. Your default availability controls the days and times that we will allow applicants to schedule interviews, assuming that you do not already have an appointment scheduled for that block of time.  
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You should choose default availability that provides enough time for multiple applicants to choose an interview time without allowing applicants to schedule interviews outside of your normal business or interviewing hours.  To set availability, simply click on the hour in which you will be available for interviews. The default interview slot is one hour long, but you can lengthen and shorten slots by dragging the bottom of each appointment slot up or down. 

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You can also choose how far into the future applicants are allowed to schedule their interviews.

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Once you’ve completed these steps, you are ready to begin sending applicants interview scheduling invitations.


Sending Interview Invitations

Users with active calendar integrations can now go to the Applicants tab, click ‘Invite’ from any Interview phase within your hiring workflow, and select from a drop-down menu of email templates. These templates now include an email template titled ‘Invitation to Schedule Interview (default).’ Users wishing to have applicants schedule interviews should select this new email template.

Clicking this link opens an email template that allows you to send a scheduling link to the applicant. This email template will have a few extra options at the top to let you customize the interview invitation to fit your needs. 

The options are: 
  • Interviewer: This option should be set to the person that will be conducting the interview. This option controls which calendar is used to present available days/times to the applicant when they are scheduling their interview. Only users that have activated their calendar integration will be available in this list. 
  • Expires In: This option controls how long the interview scheduling link is active. After the link expires, the applicant will be unable to schedule an interview through the link. This option exists to prevent applicants from scheduling interviews weeks or months after they receive the interview invitation.
  • Interview Duration: This option controls the length of the interview appointment when it is added to your calendar. The length of the interview will also be communicated to the applicant when they are scheduling the interview. 
  • Days in the future to allow applicants to schedule an interview: Users have the ability to control the number of days in the future the interview can be scheduled, from a maximum of 14 days down to 1 day in for managers with a severe time crunch.
Once you are happy with the options for the interview, Send the email as normal. When the email is sent [schedule_url] in the body of the email will be populated with a unique link for that specific applicant and interview step. DO NOT edit the link. 

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Changing the Default Invitation Email

The default settings for these options can be changed by editing the Invitation to Schedule Interview (default) message template on Account tab > Manage Hiring Process > Message Templates. Ensure that the ‘Invitation Scheduling’ checkbox at the bottom is checked or [schedule_url] will not populate a link. Here's more info on changing an email template: How do I customize the email templates that are sent to applicants?


Applicant Experience 

When an applicant receives an email with an invitation to schedule an interview online, their first step will be clicking on the link in the email to view the interviewer’s availability. That screen will look like this: 
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The applicant will choose the day/time that works for them and click to schedule at the bottom of the page. Once they schedule, the interview appointment will be added directly to the interview’s calendar and an email will be sent to the interviewer notifying them of the newly scheduled interview. The applicant does not get a confirmation email, but their interview day/time is confirmed on the next screen. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What calendar integrations are available? 

We currently support the following calendar services: 
  • Google Calendar 
  • Outlook 365 
  • Microsoft Exchange  

If I activate a calendar integration, does it affect other users on my account? 

No. Calendar integrations are specific to you. When you activate the calendar integration, you’ll see the new Invite/Schedule links on your hiring process but all other users will still see the normal Invite > Schedule workflow.  
Each user will need to activate the calendar integration for themselves since it ties directly to their calendar.  

I activated the calendar integration but my Invite links didn’t appear. What can I do? 

If you have a heavily modified custom hiring process, you may need to edit your custom hiring process to configure your interview steps. You can do this by following the steps below: 
1.  Go the Settings tab and edit your custom workflow. 
2.  Click on the name of the interview step that is not showing the correct link. 
3.  Check the Interview Step box on the edit page and save the step  
I activated the calendar integration but my Schedule links didn’t appear. What can I do? 

To ensure that the schedule link works as expected, make sure to edit the message template you’re
using and select the ‘Invitation Scheduling’ checkbox at the bottom. In addition, review and update the
default settings before saving the template.

How do I reschedule an interview? 

Each interview schedule link is unique for the applicant and the hiring step and can only be used one time. If an applicant schedules an interview and it needs to be rescheduled, you can reschedule the interview by sending the applicant a new interview invitation email. When the applicant chooses a new day/time, the old interview day and time will be removed from the Upcoming Interviews area of the Dashboard.