When you submit a bug, CareerPlug will assign it a priority level that lets you know when it will be fixed.

What are the different priority levels and what do they mean?

Priority 1 bugs

  • This is a top priority bug. It is affecting multiple users and affecting key features of CareerPlug accounts Examples: Applicants can’t apply to jobs. Users cannot post new jobs or email any applicant.
  • Our engineering team is working on this bug and it will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Priority 1 bugs will be fixed within 24 hours.

Priority 2 bugs

  • Priority 2 bugs are of concern to clients but aren’t affecting their ability to use core CareerPlug features. Some issues will be classified as priority 2 if a minor feature is broken entirely if that feature is not vital to the core function of CareerPlug’s software AND that feature is used by a very small number of accounts.
  • Examples: Issues with workflows that don’t affect the ability to hire an applicant. Users cannot refresh a specific job or communicate with a specific applicant.
  • Priority 2 bugs will be fixed within 1 week and are typically fixed faster, depending on other outstanding items.

Priority 3 bugs

  • Priority 3 bugs are minor functional issues. We understand that as a client, these issues may not feel minor to you, but we need to prioritize certain issues to be able to fix more widespread issues faster. For priority 3 issues, workarounds typically exist that can alleviate the problem temporarily without causing disruption to core CareerPlug functions.
  • Examples: Job templates are not listed in alphabetical order. An email was inadvertently sent multiple times. Issues that only exist in a specific browser are typically priority 3 issues unless the browser is in use by a large percentage of our client base.
  • Priority 3 bugs will be fixed within 1 month.