Types of reports

ATS System Reports:
  • Applicant Detail Report - shows applicant name, recent employer, what source they applied from, the job they applied to, what stage of the hiring process they are in, their application date, and a resume URL. (More info: How do I use the Applicant Detail chart?)
  • Hired Applicant Detail Report - similar to the Applicant Detail report, but only includes hired applicants. (More info: How do I use the Applicant Detail chart?)
  • Job Detail Report - shows information about all jobs, including job name, job posting date, job refresh date, job owner, number of clicks, and number of applicants. (More info: How do I use the Job Detail chart?)
  • Source Analysis Report - shows how many applicants have come from your various sources (for example, Indeed or Craigslist), grouped by job. (More info: How do I use the Source Analysis chart?)
  • User Activity Report - shows the names of the users on your account, number of logins, last login, unreviewed applicants, and applicant updates. (More info: How do I use the User Activity chart?)
  • EEOC, OFCCP, Job Pipeline, or Scorecard Detail - these are specialized reports only available for certain CareerPlug accounts, contact us to enable these. (More info: How do I enable and use EEOC Tracking?)

Onboarding System Reports:
  • Employee Report - lists your employees and their personal information. Some clients use this to send employee information to their payroll provider. (More info: What is an Employee Report?)
  • Onboarding Report - shows you how your new hires have progressed in the onboarding process. (More info: What is an Onboarding report?)

To create a new report, follow these steps:

  1. To create custom Excel reports, go to your Reports tab. Then click on the seventh sub-tab, also called Reports.
  2. Click the Create New Report button.
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Select the type of report you wish to create, and any email addresses to which you want to send the report, and click the Create Report button. Name your report at the top left of the page. Select whether you would like your report to run weekly on a certain day (optional).

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Select any options to filter the data on the report.

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Select the date range from which you wish to view the data.

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Edit the table below if you would like to add or remove columns from the report.

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Click the Save and Run Report button. Your report will run and also be saved so you may edit and run it at a later time if you wish. Note: These reports will be emailed to you; they will not download automatically.

To edit an already-created report, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are on the Reports sub-tab within your Reports tab on your dashboard.
  2. Locate the report you wish to edit. Click the Edit link next to it.

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Adjust the report as appropriate. Click the Save Report button to simply update the report. Click the Save and Run Now button if you would like the report to be updated and emailed to you immediately.