While the postings that we create for you on Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and our other job board partners can produce a high volume of applicants on their own, not every talented job seeker in your area will be searching for jobs on these sites.

Users who have the most success with CareerPlug market their jobs on a wide variety of additional sources, such as:

  • Craigslist
  • Facebook
  • Local college and university job boards
  • Community Associations

Part of making a great hiring decision is reviewing a large number of applicants so that you can interview as many qualified candidates as possible. Getting your job posting out in front of as many different candidate pools as possible is key to long-term success in your recruiting efforts.

CareerPlug gives you the tools to easily manage your applicants from every source. These tools will save you time and allow you to easily track and evaluate your applicants whether they've applied from Indeed, Craigslist, or even a posting on your local college's job board. For more information on how to create postings to outside sources and link them to your CareerPlug account, click here: How do I post my job to outside sources (such as Craigslist, Facebook or local colleges)?