If your employee reports that they have 0 jobs and 0 applicants when you know this is not true, the first step is to make sure that they have access to the locations they should (More info: How do I give my employees access to the locations they manage?). Full and limited access users must be tied to the locations to which they should have access. If your employee is not synced with their locations, they will not have access to jobs posted in those locations and/or the applicants who apply to those jobs.

Follow these steps to give your employees access to locations:
  1. Click on the Account tab then click on Manage Areas. Click the Locations link on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Click Edit next to a location the employee should have access to. 
  3. Under the Participating Users section, click the field to open a list of employees you can add for this location. You can begin typing an employee's name to populate it. (Ensure the employee has the correct level of access to the locations. More info: What do the levels of user access mean?)
User-added image

Click Update Location at the bottom of the page. Repeat the above steps for each location to which the employee should have access.