Calendar invites are a great feature that allows you to send applicants — and yourself — a calendar invite for a previously agreed upon meeting time. 

This information is about using calendar invites, which is different from using our calendar integration. For using our calendar integration, click here: Setting Up and Using Calendar Integration

In order to enable calendar scheduling on a specific message template for a hiring step, you first need to make sure that the 'Calendar Invite' checkbox is selected on the message template. Your CareerPlug default Phone Screen Schedule and Interview Schedule message templates will have this box checked.

calendar invite checkbox

When you click on any of the links on the applicant's hiring workflow that say 'Schedule', you will are using a calendar invite.

Schedule link

Note: It's best to use the 'Schedule' option only after you have Invited an applicant to an interview and they have confirmed the time.

When you click 'Schedule' under the appropriate interview step, the message that generates will include an area to set the agreed-upon date/time of the interview. Make sure that the client's time zone is selected under the date and time selectors.

schedule email

You do not need to edit the [start_date] or [start_time] areas in the body of the email. These will be automatically populated based on what you selected above. Note that because this is a phone screen invitation, the candidate's phone number has automatically populated.

When you send the message, the applicant will get the email along with an attached calendar invite. This can be added with one click to their Google or Outlook calendar. At the bottom of this message, there is an option to 'Send to my calendar'. When this box is checked, you will also get the email with a calendar invite attached, so you can add it to your calendar as well. Note: If the 'Send to my calendar' option is not available, this means you need to edit the message template and select the box next to 'Calendar Invite' at the bottom.

bottom of schedule email

The 'Schedule' option by default is available for a phone screen or an in-person interview. When the email is for a phone screen (as in the example above), the phrase "Will call you at [applicant's phone number]" will appear as the meeting location. This serves to remind you of the applicant's phone number so you can call them to begin the phone screen.

When the 'Schedule' option is used for an in-person interview, rather than the phone number, the 'Location' will populate to your company address. If your account uses locations, the location will populate to the address of the location in which the job was posted. Again, this will be included in the calendar invite.

in person email schedule

Here's what the calendar invite looks like in an email:

add to calendar

To cancel an interview, simply delete the event from your calendar and notify your interviewee.