CareerPlug is an Applicant Tracking System and Indeed is a Job Board. When job postings are created in CareerPlug, those job postings are sent to Indeed via an XML feed so they appear on their job board. CareerPlug sends a feed twice per day to Indeed which includes all active jobs in our system. It may take 24-36 hours for Indeed to process our feed (and thus it may take that time for a new CareerPlug job posting to go live on Indeed’s job board).

When you post a job to Indeed through their service (not through CareerPlug), you incur a cost from Indeed. With a CareerPlug subscription, you are able to post unlimited jobs, and your jobs are posted to the organic feeds of many major job boards, including Indeed. More info: On what job boards does CareerPlug post my jobs?

The majority of our clients receive a high volume of applicants via CareerPlug's automated job syndication to the organic job board feeds. However, sometimes urgent needs arise and sponsoring a job is a solution to consider. Please note that if you wish to sponsor a job with Indeed, meaning that you want to pay for optimized placement of your posting so that more jobseekers see it, that comes at an additional cost (collected by Indeed). CareerPlug offers an integration tool that makes it easy for clients to sponsor their CareerPlug job postings on Indeed directly through our software (More info: How can I boost or sponsor my jobs through Indeed?). An alternative option is to contact an Indeed sales representative after posting a job within CareerPlug and work directly with the Indeed rep to set a budget for sponsoring selected jobs coming from CareePlug's ATS. (Here's some more information on sponsoring a job on Indeed from Indeed's Help Center.) When you sponsor a CareerPlug-posted job with Indeed, you can still make changes to your job posting and review your applicants all within your CareerPlug system.

Whether you’re sponsoring a job or not, remember to post all of your jobs in line with Indeed Best Practices.