If you can't see an employee in Onboarding who you should be able to see, try the following:

Ensure you have the right level of access to CareerPlug's Onboarding system

If you aren't at least a manager on Onboarding, you won't be able to see other employees' information.

If you have access to the Onboarding and Reports pages in your navigation, you are an Onboarding admin, and you are able to see all employees.

If you have access to the Onboarding page but not the Reports page, you are a manager in Onboarding, and you are able to see only employees who are in selected locations.

If you only have access to your My Info and Tasks pages, you are an employee in Onboarding, and you will not be able to see any other employees on your account.

Ask an Onboarding admin to give you the correct level of access. More information: What do the levels of access mean in the Onboarding system?

Ensure that you have access to the locations that you should

An Onboarding admin will need to check whether managers have access to the correct locations.

The locations to which a manager should have access are set by navigating to Account > Settings.

Scroll to the Locations area near the bottom of the page. Click the 'Managers' link next to a location to add managers who should have access to employees in that location.

managers link

adding new managers

An employee's location is set on their Management page, which can be accessed by clicking the employee's name after searching for them on the Employees page.

edit employee

management page

change employee location

You can also check a manager's own location this way. A manager will automatically have access to employees in their own location, but they can be granted access to additional locations by taking the steps above to edit a location's managers.

Note: employees who do not have a location set will be visible to only Onboarding administrators.

no location

Ensure that the employee exists in Onboarding

If an employee is a recent hire, they will immediately appear in Onboarding. If they were not hired from CareerPlug but have a login to your CareerPlug ATS, they will need to access Onboarding in order to become visible (click the Recruiting/ATS option in the top left corner of the screen and click 'Onboarding' to access Onboarding).

If you did not hire an employee using CareerPlug and they do not already have a CareerPlug login, you will need to add them manually. But first, ensure an employee record is not already in Onboarding by searching for the employee on the Employees page.

search for employee

Still don't see an employee that you should be able to see?

Contact us using the 'Contact Support' link above, and we'll be happy to help troubleshoot further!