Measuring culture fit can be tricky. One mistake we often see is companies only hiring candidates who are almost exactly similar to current team members. Going down this path often leads to a lack of diversity on your team and a failure to build a healthy, inclusive company culture.

Start with Your Core Values

People work better together when they share values. Make sure your interviews incorporate questions around values. The right candidates will be attracted to your company if they can see that you have shared values.

Understand Their Work Preferences

Does the candidate's work style match up with yours? Do your employees move fast and worry about details later? Then think twice about hiring someone from a slow, bureaucratic company. Do you have an energetic, open office environment? Might not want to hire that person who needs total quiet to get anything done. Casual dress policy at work? The professional with a closet full of corporate clothing may feel totally lost.  
A job shadow is a great opportunity to address this, but ask open-ended questions about an applicant's work preferences first.

Get Your Team Involved

Don’t rely solely on your own judgment — give your team a voice. This empowers your team and shows that you care about their opinion. Your current employees can provide a different perspective and help shed light on anything you may have overlooked. Your team members will also gain an interest in making this hire a success. If the team goes to bat for a candidate, you can hold them accountable for bringing their best to the new relationship.