To view the Time to Fill chart, go to your Reports tab and click on the Time to Fill tab.

The data on the Time to Fill chart

On the Time to Fill tab, you will see a bar chart that shows the average number of days it took for your company to make hires for each of your jobs. On the top, in the blue bar, is your average time to fill across all jobs in the selected date range. Hover over any of the bars to see the names of the hires and the details of when they were hired and how many days it took to fill that position. To the right of this chart, you can view the total number of hires made for each of your jobs.

Time to fill chart

The data on this chart comes from the number of days between when you posted the job to when you made a hire for that job. When you hire an applicant, a pop-up will open with the hire details, and the time to fill will be calculated automatically. However, if the time to fill should be different, you may use the date picker available to select the date that you actually began hiring for the job.

Time to fill edit

In addition, you may edit the time to hire retroactively for any of your hired employees. Simply navigate to Account > Users and click on the employee's name to edit their record. Click the 'Employee Management' drop-down menu. Find the "Days to Fill Position" field, enter the correct number, and click the Update User button.

Using the filters on the Time to Fill chart

Be sure to select the correct date range for the data you wish to view. You can even view data from a custom date range by selecting Custom from the date range drop-down menu and using the date picker to select the date range you wish to view. When you make any changes date range, click the Update Chart button to apply your changes.

Time to fill filter options

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