Types of reports

On the Reports tab of Onboarding, you can run two kinds of reports:
  • Employee report - lists your employees and their personal information.
  • Onboarding report - lists all of your employees who are currently in the onboarding process, along with how many checklists they have been assigned, how many tasks they've completed, and how many tasks are still incomplete. Clients may use this report to evaluate how their new hires have progressed in the onboarding process.

Running a report

On the Reports page on Onboarding, click the Create New Report button to begin.

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You'll be asked what kind of report you want to create. Choose Employee Report or Onboarding Report, then click Create Report.

Report Pop-up

On the next page, name the report and decide if you'd like it to run it weekly on a particular day. You can also set a Hire Date range if you'd like to only display Employees hired during a certain time.
You can edit which columns are included by selecting Edit Included Columns and checking/unchecking the fields that you would like to appear on your report.
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Click Run Report when you are finished. You'll get an email letting you know when your report is ready to download. You'll download the report right from the Reports tab (unlike on the ATS, you download Onboarding reports directly from the Reports tab). Click the 'Download Report' link that appears under the report name to download the report.

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This 'Download' link is only available once. That is, after you've downloaded a report once, the download link disappears and you'll need to run the report again to download it again. Click the Run Now link to re-run and re-download a report.