When you view a new applicant's completed assessment scores, you have the opportunity to view these scores as compared to the scores of 'benchmarks' — exceptional employees who have completed the assessments. You can even be a benchmark yourself. As you can see below, employee 'Lenny W.' has been set as a benchmark:

assessment benchmark

Here's how to send assessments to yourself or an employee so that you or they can be set as a benchmark: How do I view or take the assessments myself or send them to an employee?

You can set or change who should be a benchmark by clicking Account in the upper right of your account and then selecting the Users link.

account users

On the Users page, there are three columns to pay attention to:
  • Show Individual Scores as Benchmark (Limit 3) - select the checkbox next to the 3 users whose scores you would like to see when viewing a new applicant's assessment results. Individual benchmarks help you compare a new applicant's assessment scores with your best individual team members.
  • Show in Team Benchmark Average - select the checkbox next to any number of employees whose scores you would like to be averaged as your 'Team Benchmark Average.' The Team Benchmark Average helps you compare an applicant's score with the average among all your selected team members as opposed to individual team members.
  • Assess - click 'Invite' to send an existing team member an assessment invite. Then you can use them as a benchmark once they complete the assessments satisfactorily.
When you select the Individual Score or Team Benchmark checkbox, you don't need to save the page. These changes will be applied automatically.

In the example below, let's say that Clementine Sylvester is an exceptional employee. You might want to click the 'Invite' link to invite her to take the assessments. Once she has, you can select either to show her individual scores as a benchmark or to show her in the team benchmark average.


It's important to choose benchmarks who have already performed well on the assessments. Here's how to evaluate assessment scores: How should I evaluate an applicant's assessment scores?

Your employees' assessment scores will be visible under the 'Assess' column if they have already completed the assessments. Click the numerical score to view their assessment results in more detail.

employees with completed assessments

Employees who have not already completed the assessments will have the text 'Invite' and/or 'Assessment Link/URL' in the Assess column but will have no scores.

When you click the 'Invite' link on the Users page to invite an existing employee to take the assessments, you might get a pop-up like this one:

no assessments selected for employee

This isn't a problem. This just means that the employee was either added manually to your account or that the job from which they were hired did not include assessments. Simply click on the employee's name to edit their assessments.

Scroll to the 'Employee Management' area and click the heading to expand the section.

employee management area

Under the 'Assessments' heading, select the assessments you want them to take.

select assessments for employee

Click Update User at the bottom of the page.

Navigate to Account > Users and click the 'Invite' link next to their name to send them the assessment invite. When they have completed the assessments, you will get a notification and can then set them as a benchmark.