If you want to test your PDF Forms and fill them out yourself, simply click the Test link next to the form name on the Settings tab. Note: The test feature is only available for PDF forms.


You will see the Employee View of the PDF Form and can fill out the fields yourself.

Test PDF Form

If you want to test a complete checklist from the employee view, you should create a test employee and assign the checklist to the test employee. Follow these steps to do so:
  1. Add an Employee from the Employees tab (click the 'Add Employee' link and fill out the necessary information). Make sure to give the employee an email address that is not already in the system or this test will not work. (Tip: If you don't have an alternate email, try adding "+test" at the end of your work email. The system will recognize it as a separate email address but emails will still be sent to your inbox. For example, we might use support+test@careerplug.com).
  2. Assign the test employee the checklist you would like to test. You can do this from the Onboarding tab. The employee will show up under Needs Assignment. Click the Assign Tasks link, select a checklist to assign (you will most likely want to list yourself as the Signer/Approver of forms), and click Update Checklist Assignments.
  3. Log out completely of your Admin login (Account > Log Out) and close the browser.
  4. Open your email and find the email from your account that your new test employee received. Click the link in the email to set a password and log in as the test employee. It’s best to log in from a different browser.
  5. You can now complete forms and other checklists steps from the Tasks tab.