General rules for assessment scores:

  • the Math/Verbal assessment score should be 60 or above.
  • the Sales and Leadership (Personality) assessment score will vary based on the skills needed for the position, but typically a strong applicant will score in the 80s or above.

These scores should NOT be interpreted as if they were traditional school grades/test scores. In many instances, a score of 50 or 60 may be an acceptable level for many position types (while those same scores would often indicate a failing grade by traditional school standards). We recommend that you rely on the scores of employees who perform comparable job functions to the position for which the applicant has applied. We also recommend that the hiring manager take the assessment so that he/she has a better understanding of the assessment.

Here's a brief video that explains where to view assessment scores and how to interpret them:


Why does a candidate have an assessment score before I sent them the assessment?

There are two reasons a score may be on an applicant’s profile before you send them the assessment:
  1. The candidate may be a Fast Track candidate and your account may be set to send out the assessment automatically to Fast Track candidates. In this case, the applicant received and took the assessment.
  2. Scores Imported: If the candidate took the CareerPlug assessment previously with another company and has used the same email address, the scores will be imported when they apply.