If you attempted to post a job but encountered a pop-up window with the title 'Warning: Job Uses Disallowed Language', this means that your job contains text or special characters that put it at risk of being rejected from our partner job boards.

The quickest way to resolve this is to read Indeed Best Practices and edit your job posting to ensure it does not contain any language that is not allowed. After you edit your job posting, if you click Save Job and do not get this error again, you likely won't have a problem with your job being posted on Indeed.

For job titles specifically, a good rule of thumb is to make your job title something that the hire would put on their business card — nothing more.

Here are possible reasons why your job may be flagged by Indeed:
  • Your job title includes special characters (like numbers, exclamation points)
  • Your job title is plural
  • Your job title includes phrases that create urgency (like 'Hiring ASAP')
  • Your job title uses all capital letters
We highly recommend reading the following article to optimize your postings on our partner job boards: Indeed Best Practices

Here are some examples of job titles that would be flagged by Indeed:

plural job title
Plural job title. To fix, remove the 's'

special characters
Uses a dash and an exclamation mark (special characters) and includes unnecessary information ('Great Opportunity'). To fix, remove ' - Great Opportunity!'


Is in all capital letters and includes unnecessary information ('NEEDED'). To fix, use 'Bartender'.