The decision to use assessments starts when you post your first job. Here's an overview of CareerPlug's Math/Verbal and Personality Assessments:

If you want to have applicants complete either or both of the assessments, you need to ensure that you select them on your jobs. Specify assessments in the 'Assessments' area of each individual job:


When an applicant applies to a job that uses assessments, you will have the option to Invite them to complete these assessments. Click the 'Invite' link under the Assessment hiring step.

invite to assessment

Clicking this link opens up a pre-written email template with a link to complete the assessment or assessments that you specified on the job to which that applicant applied.

Email invite to assessments

After you have sent that email, a date will appear on that applicant's assessment step to indicate when you invited them to complete the assessments.

Invited date

The applicant will get the email, and when they click on the link, this is what they will see (depending on the number of assessments that were selected on the job to which they applied):

assessments from the applicant view

When they have finished an assessment (or both) you will be able to view their assessment score. Click on the score for a full report:

assessment scores

assessment score report

Having trouble with assessments? Click here: Troubleshooting Assessments