If you have a new form that you want a future employee who is assigned a certain checklist to complete, you can add that form to a checklist. There are two times you can add a form to a checklist.  

Add a form to a checklist when creating the form

When you create a new form, at the bottom of the page you can select which checklist (if any) you’d like to add the form to.

 Add form to checklist


Add a form to a checklist by editing the checklist

On the Onboarding side of the system, navigate to your Settings page (Account > Settings). In the Checklist section click on the 'Edit' link next to the Checklist.

Checklists on Settings Page

Scroll to the bottom of the checklist and click the Add New Step button.

Add new checklist step

Select the form you wish to add from the drop-down menu that appears for the new checklist step. When you add a form, you can add a deadline by completing the Complete By Days field. Add as many steps as you want by clicking the Add New Step button. 

Add Step

Click Update Checklist when you're done.