You have the option to create a custom assessment other than the personality assessments and math and verbal assessment that CareerPlug automatically provides. The first step is creating the assessment. Then, you'll add the assessment to a hiring workflow or workflows. At that point, you'll be able to add the assessment to jobs and invite applicants to complete it.

Step 1: Creating the assessment

Click Account > Manage Hiring Process in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You'll land on the Assessments page. Click the Create New Assessment button.

Navigating to Assessments

Create New Assessment

Give your new assessment a name. Next, click the Add Question button (to add a new assessment question) or the Add Comment button (to add assessment instructions or other comments).

Editing new Assessment

Here's what adding a comment looks like:

Adding a comment

Here's what adding a question looks like. Note that these questions can be constructed much like prescreen questions. They can be scored, and an applicant's overall score on the entire assessment will be based on their answers to each scored question.

Adding a question

If you need to move questions and comments after you have added them, do so by clicking the green up and down arrow and dragging the question or comment to its desired location. When you are finished creating comments and questions and moving them to their desired locations, click Update Assessment.

Moving questions and updating assessment

Step 2: Adding the new assessment to a workflow

Next, you'll need to add this new assessment to a hiring workflow in order for applicants who are in that workflow to be able to take it. After clicking Account > Manage Hiring Process, click on the 'Custom Hiring Workflow' link on the left-hand side of your screen. Then click 'Edit' next to your desired custom hiring workflow. (Note: If you only have one custom hiring workflow, edit this one).

Edit Custom Hiring Workflow

On this page, locate your Assessment step and click on its name to edit it.

Editing the Assessment Step

While editing the Assessment step, scroll to the Assessments section. Notice that your new assessment does not have a checkbox next to it. Check this box to add it as an option on your hiring workflow, and then click the Update Hiring Step button.

Adding custom assessment to a hiring workflow

On the resulting page, notice that your new assessment is correctly listed as an option under the Assessment step. Click the Update Hiring Workflow button.

Update Hiring Workflow

Step 3: Adding the assessment to new or existing jobs

Now that you have created an assessment and associated it with a hiring workflow, new jobs you post that use this hiring workflow have the option to include this assessment as part of their hiring process.

Adding Assessment to job

You can add this assessment to an existing job that uses the workflow you edited so that you have the option to have current applicants complete it.