This article is relevant to State Farm Agents and State Farm Agency Interns only.

CareerPlug has conveniently added prewritten statements for you to piece together to make your Company Overview unique to you. The selections you make below will build a formatted company description that displays on your job pages.

To edit your Company Overview, click Account in the top right-hand corner of your screen, then Manage Careers Page.

manage careers page

Scroll down to the Company Overview section and click 'Customize Overview.'

Customize company overview

There are four components that make up the Company Overview that will appear on your Careers Page: Opening Header, Career Opportunity paragraph, About our Agency paragraph, and Closing Line.

Opening Header
Think of this as an opening to catch the attention of the viewer. Pick one you think will fit best. 
Opening Header

Career Opportunity Paragraph
Here, you'll pick a couple of statements about the opportunity that you're offering.

Career Opportunity Paragraph

About our Agency Paragraph
This is the most customizable section where you will pick a couple of fill in the blank statements about your agency. 

about our agency personalized information

Closing Line
Last, you'll pick one statement to close out your company overview. 

closing line and save
Once you have selected all of the elements of your overview, Save the Overview.

Once you save, you'll land on the Careers Page customization page and be able to see all of your choices put together, along with the formatting of how it will appear to applicants.

Company overview complete