One of the benefits of using CareerPlug is that we post your jobs to many of the major job boards. However, if you don't have much time to screen and evaluate those applicants, we offer a few tools to make this process quicker. Below are five ways you can use CareerPlug to quickly and easily screen applicants.

Move Applicants to Inactive

The best way to keep your applicants organized is to take action on the applicants you don't want to move forward with and make them Inactive. If you view a resume or prescreen score and immediately decide you don't want to consider the candidate, click the Make Inactive button to remove them from your list of visible applications and have the option to send them a rejection letter. 

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The candidate you don't wish to move forward with will be removed from the active applicants list, so you can focus on the applicants you do want to consider.

Want to make multiple applicants inactive at once? 

On the Applicants tab, select the checkbox next to each applicant that you wish to move to Inactive. After you are finished selecting applicants, a drop-down menu will appear at the top of the page. Select 'Make Inactive' from the drop-down. Afterward, you'll be asked to set an optional rejection reason and send a rejection email if you wish.

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Filter Applicants by Prescreen Score

Filtering by prescreen score allows you to see only applicants who gave the best responses to the prescreen questions you specified on your job. You have the option to view only applicants with a prescreen score above a certain value (filter by prescreen score) or you have the option to view only applicants who gave certain answers to your prescreen questions (filter by prescreen question).

For example, you might want to view only applicants with a prescreen score above 80, or you might want to only view applicants who answered "Yes" to the question "Are you bilingual in Spanish?"

To filter by prescreen score, head to your Applicants tab, and click to filter by Prescreen Score in the main view. You will slide the gauge to apply which scores you want to view. 

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To filter by responses to a prescreen question, you will click more filters, then Filter by Prescreen Question.

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Click here for more info: How do I filter by Prescreen?

Does your job not contain prescreen questions? Head to your Jobs tab and click the name of a job to  More information: How do I use prescreen questions?

Evaluate Applicants Based on Assessment Score

Learn more about an applicant by inviting them to take our Personality and Math/Verbal assessments. Simply select Invite under the Assessment step on your Applicants tab. (More info: How do I send applicants assessments?)

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Clicking this link will open a message template with a link to complete the assessments. Simply send the email to invite the applicant to take these assessments. Once they've completed the assessments, their scores will appear under the Assessment step.

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Click here for help customizing the Personality Assessment: How do I customize the Personality Assessment?

To quickly find applicants who have completed assessments, use the Completed Assessments filter. To do so, click the Assessment Status filter on your Applicants tab and select the checkbox next to 'Completed Assessments Only.' This will show you only applicants who have completed all assessments that were selected on the job. Learn how to send assessments to your team in order to determine assessment benchmark scores: How do I send assessments to myself or my employees? 

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Use Keywords

When you use Keywords on your jobs, incoming applicants whose resumes contain your keywords will be highlighted on your Applicants tab. Using keywords can help you quickly scan your Applicants tab to determine whether an applicant would be a good fit for a job.

For example, you may want to create "sales" as a green-flagged keyword. You can do so by creating a new keyword set with that keyword and then editing a job to add that keyword set to it. When you do so, future incoming applicants whose resumes contain the term "sales" will be flagged on your Applicants tab (applicants who applied before you added the keywords to your job will not be flagged). Learn more about creating keywords: How do I use Keywords?

Try using the two-step application process (required forms)

Using required forms allows you to create digital versions of your job application forms. Applicants will be asked to complete these forms directly after submitting their application. (If they don't complete this second step, you have the option to remind them via email.) Create an application form by navigating to Account > Manage Hiring Process > Forms and clicking Create New Form.

When you use application forms, you can filter your Applicants tab by Completed Apps only. This allows you to quickly view only those applicants who filled out your required application form. Once an applicant has completed the required form, you can view it from the Applicants tab to quickly screen whether they would be a good fit.

Click here for more information: How do I create application forms?