If you're thinking about a position you need to fill in the future while you're in your CareerPlug account, you have the option to create the job now, but set it to post to job boards at a later date. Setting a job to post at a later date helps you prepare for future hiring needs.

Setting a job to post at a later date also lets you set a job to post on the best days for applicant visibility — Monday through Wednesday, when jobseekers are most active on the job boards — without having to log into your account on those days.

There are three instances in which you can set a job to post at a later date: when you create a new job, when you reactivate an inactive job, and when you refresh a job on a Thursday through Sunday.  

Creating a new job

When you click Post a Job from your Dashboard or Jobs tab, notice the checkbox under Job Status that says "Post this job at a later date." Checking this box expands a field where you can select the date you'd like the job to be automatically posted to the job boards. Use the calendar icon to select any date in the future you'd like your job to be posted.

Post at later date

When you click the button to Save Job, the job will be saved on your Pending tab, with a note stating when the job will automatically be posted.

Reactivating an Inactive job
Activate Job

When you click the Activate link to activate an Inactive job, a pop-up window will ask you to reactivate the previous posting with the option to check the "Post this job at a later date" box. When select this option, you can choose the date that you'd like your job posted.

Reactivate Job at later date

When you reactivate your previous posting, the job will then be saved in your Pending jobs tab, with a note stating when the job will be automatically posted.

Note: If you'd like to select the button to Post New Job from the Inactive posting, you can set it to post at a later date on the next page.

Refreshing a Job on a Thursday through Sunday

If you Refresh a job on Thursday through Sunday, you'll get a pop-up asking you if you'd like to refresh it at a later date. Since posting your job at the beginning of the week can help attract more applicants, we recommend posting your jobs Monday through Wednesday to provide the best visibility.