Adding locations to your account will allow you to post jobs and attract applicants in a specific city and zip code. Note: Only admin users may add locations to an account. An admin user must contact CareerPlug in order to delete locations on their account.

To add locations to your account, follow these steps:

1.  Go to the Account > Manage Areas.

2.  Click the 'Locations' link on the left-hand side of your screen.

3.  Click the Create New Location button.
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If additional locations are required to be purchased, you will be routed to your Subscription page. Select the number of additional locations to add in the ‘Add Locations’ box, select to ‘Buy’, then confirm your purchase by selecting ‘Buy Location.' You will then need to navigate again to Account > Manage Areas > Locations and click the 'Create New Location' button.

4.  Fill in the required information. The Location Number/ID can simply be the name of the location if your company does not use location IDs.
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5.  Under the Participating Users heading, make sure to select any users that will need to have limited or full access to a location. Note: Full and limited access users must be associated with at least one location in order to take any action or view any applicants in their CareerPlug account (Click here for more information: How do I give my employees access to the locations they manage?)
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6.  When you are finished entering location info and adding users, click the Create Location button.

Note: Adding locations may change the pricing on your account. To view your location pricing, visit Account > Plan & Billing > Subscription.