To view and print an Employee's completed forms, you'll need to click on their name to view their record, then click on their Documents tab. We recommend only printing an employee's documents after they have completed their entire onboarding checklist. At that time, all of their completed forms will be available to print on their Documents tab.

To print an employee's completed forms, follow these steps:

Click on the employee's name on the Employees tab.

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Click on the employee's Documents tab.

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Click any of the document names to print them. Notice that once an employee has completed their entire onboarding checklist, a form is generated called "[Employee Name] Oboarding Document." Click on this document to view all of an employee's forms assembled into one document for quick and easy printing.

If you are unable to see an Employee's documents, that may be because you are not their direct manager or an admin on the account. Only an employee's direct manager and Onboarding administrators can see an employee's completed documents.

If you are printing your own completed documents:

If you are attempting to print your own completed documents, note that the only completed forms which are visible to the employee by default are their Federal W-4 and Federal I-9, once those forms are completed.

If employees should be able to see their completed forms, an Onboarding administrator will need adjust each form's settings by navigating to Account > Settings and clicking the 'Edit' link next to a form name. At the bottom of the Form edit page is a Document Visibility option.

document visibility