Required Tasks (incomplete forms)

When an employee has been assigned an Onboarding checklist, they will be sent an email that prompts them to log into Onboarding. When they log in, they will be prompted to review, edit, and save the information that CareerPlug has on file for them.

After they save their information, they will land on their Tasks page. Here, they can select and complete their required tasks. 

tasks page

When a task has been completed, the task name will have a line through it so the employee knows that they have completed their documents.

Completed Documents (completed forms)

Some tasks require just employee input and manager approval, others have employee-responsible fields and manager-responsible fields. When all parties who are responsible for completing fields on a form have done so, that task is now complete. A document (PDF) will be generated from each completed task, and that document will live on their Documents page.

An employee can view their completed documents by navigating to My Info > Documents.

my info documents

An employer can view an employee's completed documents by navigating to either the Onboarding or Employees page, clicking the employee's name, and clicking their Documents page.

click employee's name


Can't see a document that should be visible?

If a document should be on an employee's Documents page and it is not, it is possible that the form settings need to be adjusted. More info: Help! I or my employee can't see completed Onboarding forms or documents.