The following article will walk you through reviewing the list of settings that are available on an Onboarding form. We recommend reviewing your forms' settings before you activate the onboarding process (More info: I'm ready to start having new hires complete checklists. How do I activate the Onboarding process?). This will save you and your hiring managers lots of time.

To edit a form, go to Account > Settings on the Onboarding side of CareerPlug and click the 'Edit' link next to the form you wish to edit.

Editing form fields

If this is a PDF form and you need to make adjustments to the individual form fields, select the pencil icon to the right of each field. This will allow you to adjust the following:
  • Name: Language that will appear when new hire hovers over field.
  • Required: Select if this form field is required or not.
  • Responsible: Select if the Employee or Manager is responsible for completing the field.

Completion Priority

Does your form require fields for both employees and managers? If so, select the best option for completion order.

Document Visibility

Completed documents will be viewable on each employee’s Documents page. Who should have access to documents once they are marked as complete?

Additional Options

  • Does not require manager review - Select this if your Managers/Admins do not need to "Approve" the form. If selected, forms will immediately be marked as complete when the employee finishes them.
  • Exclude this form from the combined onboarding document generated when all forms are completed - When an employee completes the onboarding process, a document is created that includes all completed forms. Select this if you do not want this form included in that document.
  • Make this form optional - Select this if you want the employee to have the option to skip a form.
  • Assignable as a single form - Select this to have the option to assign a form individually to an employee without adding it to a checklist.