Our best recommendation is to act quickly with Fast Track applicants. Fast Track applicants are often highly sought-after by other hiring companies and may be quickly hired elsewhere. (More info: How do I set up Fast Track on my account?) Our most successful clients often contact their top applicants immediately after receiving their application to give themselves the best chance to make a great hire.

One way you can let a Fast Track applicant know that you are interested in pursuing them is by immediately sending them an assessment. With CareerPlug, you can enable an option to automatically send assessments to new Fast Track applicants.

To do so, navigate to Account > Company Profile.

account company profile

Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box next to 'Enable Automatic Fast Track Assessments'

enable auto assessments

Click the Save button.

Any applicant who applies from now on and is considered Fast Track will automatically be emailed with a link to take any assessments selected on the job to which they applied.

As an added check, you can ensure that the correct assessments are enabled on your active jobs by editing each job (or editing the job template and applying these changes to all jobs). You can also review your default assessment invitation email. More info: How do I customize the email templates that are sent to applicants?