There are two ways to cancel a scheduled interview. Which option will work for you depends on how you are scheduling interviews.

Like most clients, if you use CareerPlug's regular interviews, you send individual 'Schedule' emails to each applicant to confirm a previously-agreed upon interview time. More info: How to schedule interviews: Using calendar invites

If you use CareerPlug's Calendar Integration, applicants can choose a time blocked off on your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, which automatically schedules an interview. More info: Setting Up and Using Calendar Integration

We cover both below.

Canceling and rescheduling a regular interview

To cancel a regular interview with an applicant, all you need to do is email them to ask them to reschedule. Once you agree upon a time, you can use the 'Scheduled' link under the interview step to send a new calendar event invite with the correct time and date.

reschedule interview invite

Both the canceled interview and the newly-scheduled interview will show up on the Upcoming Interviews area of your Dashboard. There is no workaround for this.

Canceling and rescheduling a Calendar Integration interview

When you use CareerPlug's Calendar Integration feature, each interview schedule link is unique for the applicant and the hiring step and can only be used one time. If an applicant schedules an interview and it needs to be rescheduled, you can reschedule the interview by sending the applicant a new interview invitation email.

integration schedule

Remember not to edit the [schedule_url] in the email template.


When the applicant chooses a new day/time, the old interview day and time will be removed from the Upcoming Interviews area of the Dashboard.