The best way to evaluate your applicant's assessment scores is to take the assessments yourself or have your employees complete the assessments, then benchmark this with an applicant's score. This will give you an excellent point of reference for when you're reviewing an applicant's scores. (Learn more: How do I send assessments to myself or my employees?)

When an applicant has completed the assessments, you can review their scores in detail by clicking the specific score next to each completed assessment. This will open a detailed report of the applicant's results and a comparison of their results in each category.
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General rules for assessment scores:

  • the Math/Verbal assessment score should be 60 or above.
  • the Sales and Leadership (Personality) assessment score will vary based on the skills needed for the position. These scores should not be interpreted as if they were traditional school test scores. In many instances, a score of 50 or 60 may be an acceptable for a position, even though those same scores would indicate a failing grade by traditional school standards. We recommend that you rely on the scores of employees who perform comparable job functions to the position for which the applicant has applied.

Here's a video that explains where to find and how to interpret both assessments and prescreen scores (link: