If you’re not getting any applicants and you suspect your job may not be visible on job boards like Indeed, don't panic! Try the following:

1. Ensure that it's been at least 48 hours since you posted the job. This gives Indeed enough time to add your CareerPlug job to their job feed.
2. Search for your job by job title on Indeed.com
3. Ensure that your job posting language follows Indeed Best Practices (using certain characters and words can cause Indeed to remove your job)
4. Ensure that you’ve communicated to Indeed that CareerPlug should be your source for job postings. If job postings are not being seen on Indeed, this could be due to having a previous account with Indeed or having used another ATS before CareerPlug for your job postings.

If you find your job but you want it to appear higher up in Indeed’s search results, these are some options to consider: How can I get more applicants and increase my job visibility?

If you are not getting applicants from many job boards other than Indeed, this is somewhat common as Indeed is by far the most frequently visited job board.