The difference between employee and manager checklists

The most commonly-used checklists on Onboarding are employee checklists, which include tasks that an employee is responsible for completing. Sometimes forms on an employee checklist will have fields that a manager should fill out as well (for example, a manager needs to fill out a page of an employee's federal I-9).

Manager checklists are assigned to an employee like employee checklists are, but a manager checklist is different because the tasks on it are actually assigned to that employee's direct manager. A manager checklist might include tasks like "Set up employee email account" or "Take employee on a tour of the office." These tasks might not include a form, but they are helpful because they can help managers keep track of what they need to do to help onboard a new employee.

How do I create a new manager checklist on Onboarding?

On Onboarding, navigate to your Settings page (Account > Settings). In the Checklist section, click the New Checklist button.


Choose Manager Checklist from the pop-up:

Choose Manager Checklist

When you create a new checklist, you'll most likely want to check the box next to "Part of the Onboarding Process" to have the option to have the checklist associated with new hires.

When creating the checklist, you have the option to add forms you've created or non-form steps. Add as many steps as you would like by clicking the Add New Step button.

Add New Step

Click Create Checklist when you are finished. Next, go to your Onboarding page and click Assign Tasks next to the employee to which you want to assign the manager checklist. Note: You assign a manager checklist to an employee, even though the tasks on a manager checklist must be completed by the manager.

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Check the box of the manager checklist you’d like to assign to the employee, confirm the Document Signer in the Signs/Approves Form drop-down, and click the Update Checklist Assignments button at the bottom of the page.

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The manager will be notified that they have been assigned tasks.