Only account administrators have the ability to change the access levels of other users. If you're not an administrator, contact an administrator on your account to give you or someone else a different level of access.

Review the ATS levels of access and what they mean here: What do the levels of user access mean?

Changing a User's Access Level

To edit a user's level of access, navigate to Account > Users. Find the person's name (you can use the search box at the top right to search for them by name). Click the user's name to edit them.

editing a user

Click on the Hiring Access menu area.

Hiring access area

Change the level of access using the drop-down, and then click the Update User button.

Changing access level

If you're giving someone who previously had no recruiting access hiring access, you may want to send the user an email to remind them to set their password so that they can use the ATS. You can do so by clicking the user's name again and then clicking the Send Reset Password Email link.

edit user

send reset password link