Here is information about the compliance of E-Signatures in Onboarding.

Intent to Sign
Like traditional wet signatures, e-signatures are only valid if the person intended to sign the document. 
Compliance: When employees sign forms in CareerPlug, they are signing directly on the form and can see exactly what they are signing. 
Consent to Use E-Signatures
Employees must consent to using E-Signatures.
Compliance: All employees must agree to our Terms of Service prior to starting the process, plus there is consent language above all e-signature fields: By signing this document electronically, you agree that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of you signing this document in writing.
Employees must have access to documents that they have signed electronically.
Compliance: Employees have access to their files from the Documents section of CareerPlug
Capture Signature
An impression of the signature must be captured when the document is e-signed.
Compliance: Employees have the option to type or draw their signature. All e-signatures are date stamped and the IP address of the employee is captured upon submission of the e-signed form.
Do Not Alter Document
The document cannot be altered after the e-signature is captured.
Compliance: All e-signed forms are converted to static PDF files upon submission. If a revision to the document is required, then the employee must e-sign again after reviewing the revised document.
Retain Accurate Records
E-Signatures providers must be capable of retaining and accurately reproducing e-signed documents.
Compliance: All e-signed records are stored as PDF files in our system.