You can set up Fast Track on new prescreen questions or on existing prescreen questions you already have set on your job postings.

On the Jobs tab, select the Job to which you wish to add Fast Track questions. Scroll down to the Prescreen Questions section of the page. Click the pencil icon to the right of the question to which you'd like to add a Fast Track response.

prescreen questions

In the pop-up, you'll see an option to change the response Type. This is where you can select Fast Track for any prescreen responses.

Add Fast Track to prescreen questions

The types of prescreen question responses include:

  • Normal: This means that no matter how the applicant responds, the response is scored normally and an applicant who selects this answer will not be considered for Fast Track.
  • Fast Track: This means that if the applicant chooses a Fast Track response, that person has the potential to be considered Fast Track. These applicants must correctly select all other Fast Track responses you have set on a job in order to be considered Fast Track.
  • Auto Fast Track: This means that no matter how the applicant responds to other prescreen questions (unless a response disqualifies them — see below), if they select an Auto Fast Track response, they will automatically be considered Fast Track. This is useful if you have one key response or requirement you know you need an applicant to have in order to move forward with them in the hiring process.
  • Disqualify: This means that if an applicant chooses this response, they should not be considered for the position.

An applicant who has selected all Fast Track responses to prescreen questions on the job to which they applied will appear with two arrows next to their name:

Fast Track Applicant