To create a default email signature with HTML formatting, click Account and then click My Profile from the drop-down menu. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and Click the Show Email Settings link.

Show email settings link

Clicking this link will expand a text box where you can create your email signature. 

User-added image

The Email Signature will come directly after the last line in the message template you are using to send an email to an applicant. You might input your name, job title, company name, and a logo. However, you can make it more general as well. For example, some clients input a generic title like "Human Resources" along with their company name.

In the Email "From" Name field, input a name that indicates who the email should appear to be from. If the Email "From" Name is left blank, the message will appear to be "from" your name (the name of the user who sent the message). In the example below, the user is choosing to use a more generic email signature and email "from" name.

editing email settings

The Email Reply Address is the “from” email address that will be shown to email recipients when they get an email from the CareerPlug system. If Email Reply Address is left blank, emails will be shown as coming from Click the Save button when you are finished editing these options.

Here is an example of what a message to an applicant looks like when a company has specified an Email "From" Name and an email signature:

email to applicant

If you would like to include your email signature on an outgoing message, make sure you check the box next to 'Include your email signature' under the body of the message:

include email signature checkbox