In many situations, you do not need to create a new employee record on the Onboarding side of CareerPlug — for example, if you hired the employee through the CareerPlug ATS or if the employee already exists on the ATS. The only instance in which you should add an employee to CareerPlug's Onboarding system is if an employee was not hired through the CareerPlug ATS and they do not already exist as a user on the ATS. More information about all of these situations is below.

Did you hire an employee through the CareerPlug ATS?

If you hired an employee through the ATS and completed the Hire step by clicking the Hire button, that employee will automatically be added to Onboarding.

Applicant Record

If you have a default checklist set on the job they applied to, the new employee will be assigned that checklist and will be sent instructions about how to log in and start completing tasks.

Do you need to add an existing ATS user to Onboarding?

If they are an existing user of the ATS, the employee should click on the ATS dropdown in the upper left-hand corner of their account and select Onboarding. Their record will then appear on your Employees tab in Onboarding.


You can check to see if someone is an existing user on the ATS side of your account by going to Account > Users in the ATS.

Account -> Settings


Not hired through the ATS or an existing ATS user?

In Onboarding, navigate to the Employees tab and click the 'Add Employee ' link at the top of the screen. You will be asked to fill in the Employee’s information.

User-added image

Be sure to complete all required fields. First, you will fill out the employee personal information, including name, email, phone number, and address. 

Add New Employee

Next, fill out any relevant EEOC information, including gender, race/ethnicity, disability status, and veteran status. 

Next is the management section, where you will fill out their position-specific information, such as their employment status, title, and pay information.

Management Section

If your account includes multiple locations and departments, you will need to be sure that you fill out the employment location (How do I add locations to my account?), department (How do I add a department to a job posting?), and manager to ensure the proper people have access to this employee in the system. 

Management Section

Last is a section where you can note and keep track of the documents the employee provided for their work authorization and tax information. Select which types of documents were provided and which requirement they fit under and provide a name for each one. 

Work Authorization & Tax Information

Once you are finished adding all the necessary information, be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the page.