To view the User Activity chart, go to your Reports tab and click on the User Activity tab.

The data on the User Activity chart

On the User Activity tab, you can view a bar chart that shows the activity levels of the users on your account. At the top is a bar that shows the average of all user activity across your account. In this chart, user activity is separated into three categories: Applicant Status Updates, Applicant Communications, and Applicant Scorecards. Applicant Status Updates occur when a user advances an applicant to another stage in the hiring process. Applicant Communication includes any email communication a user has had with an applicant. Applicant Scorecards represents when a user has completed an interview scorecard for an applicant.

User Activity Chart


Using the filters on the User Activity chart

Be sure to select the correct date range for the data you wish to view. You can even view data from a custom date range by selecting Custom from the date range drop-down menu and using the date picker to select the date range you wish to view. When you make any changes date range, click the Update Chart button to apply your changes.

User activity filters

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